"We hope that everyone can find tranquility in the hustle and bustle of the city, by experiencing traditional culture through a contemporary lens."

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Private Events & Crossover Collaboration

Leveraging its versatile conference rooms, projection spaces and a rooftop, Pottinger 22 also serves as a multi-purpose facility for artists, curators, companies as well as the public to host talks, private events or film screenings. It is positioned as a vibrant and innovative art space.


Ground Floor

Exclusively-created Lifestyle Art Showroom

About the Space: Ren Zhe's Sculptures Showroom, Entrance Check-Point, Digital Screen with speakers 
Capacity: < 30 standing 
Venue Size: 83m²
Great for: Guided Tour, Interview, Exhibition, Networking, Video Screening, Product Launch


Mezzanine Floor

Private Room & Art Showroom

Function: Art Showroom, VIP Private room, BAC Office 
Capacity: < 15 standing
Venue Size: 83m²
Great for: Guided Tour, Exhibition, Private Meeting

P22_Opening917_60 2.JPG

First Floor

Multipurpose Event Space & Conference Room

Function: Event Space, Digital VR Room, Catering Space 
Capacity: < 50 standing/ 30 sitting 
Venue Size: 83m²
Great for: Seminars, Talks, Workshops, Team-building, Networking, Product Launch, Corporate Training & Function


Roof Garden

Outdoor Terrace & Event Space 

(Coming Soon) 

Function: Outdoor Terrace, Art Showroom, Event Space 
Capacity: <30 standing
Venue Size: 50m²
Great for: Rooftop Networking, Pop-up Shops, Social Events


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Operation days: Mon-Sat

Hours: 10:30-18:30

Closed: Sunday and public holidays

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* The art space may be closed between exhibitions or for maintenance.

All appointments must be booked in advance online. Entry is timed and only valid for a specific 40 minute time-slot.

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