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The Enlightened Ones

Ren Zhe Beijing Exhibition 2021

Exhibition Period: 2021.1.2- 2021.4.2

Exhibition Venue: Ping'an International Financial Center, Shenzhen

genesis details

Featuring 15 monumental sculptures, "Genesis" has brought together a collective of artists, including performance artists, and artistic endeavours to celebrate the pursuit of cultural diversity.

Ren Zhe believes that our heart is a projection of the world. During these trying times, he has envisioned a show that incorporates art installation - an element which aims to connect art with its viewers inside an immersive pavilion space, resembling the shape of a heart.

Throughout this exhibition, the artist encourages everyone to rediscover their original aspirations as well as a sense of youthfulness that lies within each and everyone of us.

Curator's Words

What is art? Is it the artworks displayed on pedestals that are surveilled behind armored glass panels in grand museums? Or is art the meticulously catalogued lots that are auctioned among the privileged and destined for their exclusive enjoyment? Perhaps something can only be considered art after it has been adorned with the skillfully-crafted insightful exegesis of our esteemed art critics? 


For me, art is simply an expression. It is the manifestation of one’s attitude towards life. And if you approach life with unadulterated sincerity and singularity of purpose; the craft, trade, or simple task, in which such attitude is portrayed — is art. So art is boundless, you can find it anywhere and through any medium. But art also is unmistakable — where you find art, you also will find inspiration and transformation. It ignites a spark within, for however long it lasts, reminding us of our youthful excitement for life.  


Ren Zhe often reminds us that “99 is not greater than 0” and so an artist’s pursuit must be relentless. Through the precipices and valleys of these trying times, we truly believe that an uncompromising spirit, manifested in the art on exhibition today and in our daily lives, will continue to inspire each and every one of us to soar above uncharted peaks.


This exhibition is titled ‘Genesis’. It features a large-scale installation at the Ping An Finance Centre, the tallest building in Shenzhen reaching 600 metres above ground. The artworks will be exhibited on the 9th and 10th floor of the building, spanning across nearly 4,000 square metres. The interior space of ‘Genesis’ is designed to merge the artworks with the people — providing the audience with an immersive environment that allows them to interact with the artworks. We will have the rare opportunity to walk into the artwork and become a part of it while experiencing it each in our own distinctive way.


At the same time, ‘Genesis’ will feature 15 monumental sculptures by Ren Zhe and bring together a collective of artists, including performance artists, and artistic endeavors to celebrate cultural diversity. The amalgamation of these elements will break down the barriers between art, pop culture, and commerce.


The journey of life requires perspectives. No matter how challenging the environment is, we should always follow our heart and aspire to be the best version of ourselves. “It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars” — may love and hope guide us forward into the future.


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